Empirical datasets.

These five datasets were used to evaluate the performance of Contrast-FEL

For each dataset, we provide a multiple sequence alignment (from the original paper) as FASTA or NEXUS; an annotated phylogeny, using the {} annotation in the Newick string (see http://hyphy.org/tutorials/phylotree/); and the contrast-FEL output JSON file, which can be read for further processing, or viewed at http://vision.hyphy.org/Contrast-FEL

Dataset Reference Files
HIV-1 reverse transcriptase Murrell et al MSA JSON
HIV-1 envelope Tully et al MSA JSON
Rubisco (C3 vs C4) Parto et al MSA JSON
cytochrome B of Haemosporidians Pacheco et al MSA JSON Uses Invertebrate Mitochondrial Code
Epidermal leaf trichomes, BRT Mazie and Baum MSA JSON